Genius: Spicy Fruit Loaf!

I was visiting a friend the other week and this opened my eyes to a whole new world of gluten-free bread: Genius- Sliced Spicy Fruit Loaf. I have never been a big fan of hot cross buns or currants/raisins or anything like that, that is, until I became celiac. Now I add currants to my granola of a morning and since trying this fruit loaf, I regret not eating more hot cross buns before I couldn’t eat gluten!

So, back onto this fruit loaf..! It is described as having currants, raisins and cinnamon in, and that combination together creates an amazing taste. I had mine toasted, straight from the freezer, and it was nice and warming- I imagine I will be eating lots of slices when these cold winter evenings arrive! I have mentioned before that I am a fan of Genius products, and this has been added to my list of favourite gluten-free products.

Although I was round my friends, they gave me the rest of the loaf to take home with me, and needless to say it did not last very long! Another benefit (aside from the taste!) is that it is gluten and wheat free (obviously, or I couldn’t eat it!) but also dairy free, as I understand some people have multiple allergies.

Overall, I was so impressed with this product, and though I haven’t had a chance of late, will be returning to good old Waitrose to purchase another loaf of this amazing bread!



PS: It tastes so good no one would know it doesn’t contain gluten!



Waitrose GF Bargains!

Went to my local Waitrose the other evening to discover several amazing bargains! I found some chicken thigh fillets (chicken is my favourite meat!) reduced from over £5 to £1.21 (obviously I picked up both packs!) and some gluten-free Warburton seeded wraps from £3.10 to 10p, as well as some Waitrose own-brand gluten-free rolls from £1.54 down to 10p too! I came away from Waitrose with a receipt for £2.63 instead of £15.11! Very impressed! Will be reviewing both the wraps and the rolls soon!

IMG_9819 IMG_9821 IMG_9825


More Homemade Pizza Making Part 2

Last weekend my boyfriend and I decided it was Pizza Night- not an irregular occurrence! We decided since it was the weekend we would have homemade nachos to start- I can have most tortilla crisps so thats good, and the salsa, cheese etc were fine, so it was a naturally gluten-free starter! Then the pizza- I did branch out this time and become more adventurous with some red onions on mine too! We used the second half of the Isabel’s Pizza Base Mix we had used the previous week (for a more in-depth review see the first part of this post) and I had bought the rest of the ingredients we needed. Again we thoroughly enjoyed the pizza and it will soon become a staple buy in my gluten-free supermarket shopping! IMG_9731 IMG_9744 IMG_9747 IMG_9748 IMG_9749 PS; I do apologise for the amount of pizza posts, but you can never have too much pizza right?! Signature

Custard Creams.

I was at my friends house recently and decided to test out the Custard Cream biscuits. They come in a box and then are individually wrapped (2 per pack) to maintain freshness, which I think is a great idea! The only thing I would say is that there is a downside if you want say three biscuits, but that is probably me just being greedy and always wanting more! The box clearly states that they are gluten free and gives the nutritional information which is always good to know. I opened the packet and tried the biscuits- amazing! They tasted so like the gluten-containing custard creams- if not nicer- and did not crumble at all. The filling of the biscuit almost melted onto my tongue and it tasted delicious. I have tried the bourbon biscuit version from this make and also love them (yet to do a formal review on here) and will also be trying the rest of the biscuits from that range, as so far I am extremely impressed! 

PS; I did not buy these so am unsure of the price but from memory in the supermarket they seem reasonably good value- considering how nice they are!

IMG_9698 IMG_9699 IMG_9701 IMG_9704



Brownie Review #2

Since it’s Friday I decided it was time for another brownie review (I don’t need an excuse as I would eat brownies on any day, but still!) I thought I would work my way through the coffee shops; Caffe Nero, Costa, Starbucks, etc and then go to the supermarket versions. So up today was Costa gluten free brownie for £1.45- not bad at all! It is a different shape to the Caffe Nero one, and in my opinion not really how a brownie should be- I prefer a square brownie. It was clearly labelled as gluten-free, with the gluten-free symbol also and was described as containing ground almonds and white chocolate chunks, yum. However, with Pizza Express and Caffe Nero setting the gluten-free brownie standards I have to say I was quite disappointed at Costa’s version. It was extremely crumbly (standard gluten-free problem!) and I personally couldn’t taste any white chocolate chunks at all. Most of the brownie fell apart, making it very difficult to eat, and it didn’t seem to have that typical brownie texture; soft in the middle and harder on the outside. I still ate it nevertheless, however I didn’t actually enjoy it at all, and though it is a very reasonable price for a gluten-free brownie I wouldn’t buy it again. 

IMG_9727 IMG_9728



Warburtons Sandwich Thins Part 2!

Last night I ended up having the Warburton Sandwich thins with my dinner again- not that I mind! I had them slightly differently this time, as I just cooked the chicken with some red peppers and tomato puree and some spice! I am a strange and boring eater however and I took out the cooked peppers and put raw ones on my plate instead! I prefer raw peppers but cook with them to add some flavour then the person I am eating with (usually my boyfriend) has extra, and I have my raw ones on the side separately. I toasted the Warburton thins and then added chicken and some mozzarella- delicious! I ended up eating dinner quite late and this was the sort of meal that filled a gap enough but not too much, considering it was later then I usually eat my dinner. Overall, still very impressed with the thins and will definitely be buying them again, though hopefully reduced or on offer somewhere, as they are extremely versatile and simple. 

IMG_9718 IMG_9722



Gluten Free Sandwich Thins

I was round a friends house yesterday when they mentioned they had tried Warburton’s Sandwich Thins (the gluten version) and how nice they were and they suggested investigating to see if there was a gluten-free version of this. That evening, whilst shopping in Tesco’s for everyone else to have fajitas I spotted the gluten-free version in the Free From section. I was actually looking for my usual gluten-free pitta as that is what I usually eat when everyone else has fajitas as I am yet to find some wraps that I actually want to try, so upon spotting these I thought I would give them a go. The only downside of the gluten-free versions of products (as usual!) is the price increase! For a pack of gluten Warburtons Sandwich thins is £1.20 or luckily for non-celiacs 2 for £2, for 6 in each pack! Meanwhile us celiacs pay £2.50 for four in a pack. Never mind, it isn’t like we have a choice in the matter!

So I was starving by the time we had been round Tesco’s and got all the food to cook (nachos to start!) and was excited to try these gluten-free sandwich thins. As per usual (I need to start preparing more) I forgot to take some pictures of the nachos and everyone else’s dinner! I liked the idea of these thins as they had seeds on which always makes things a bit more interesting; sunflower seeds, millet seeds and linseed, and they had different serving suggestions on the back. I decided to toast them and then add my chicken, salsa, red onion and cheese into it as my own version of a gluten-free fajita, and it worked! It tasted amazing and was a really nice option to have as it wasn’t dry like a lot of gluten-free products can be, and acted also as a tortilla wrap for fajitas so I could fit a lot of filling in. I also may have gotten slightly carried away and eaten too much, so I was then extremely full after.

Overall, I am very impressed with the product, but it is a shame there aren’t six in a packet like in the gluten containing version and also more than double the price! However, it was nice to have a bread option that actually tastes like proper bread and doesn’t crumble!

IMG_9708 IMG_9709 IMG_9713